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In the current scope of application of the mechanism for transfer of power and movement of the gear unit is quite extensive, almost all kinds of mechanical transmission are traces of it can be seen from the transport ship automobiles, motorcycles, heavy equipment used in construction machinery used in industrial processing equipment and automated production equipment, the daily common electric clocks and so on. Transmission job application from large power, to a small load, precise angle transmission gear can be seen the application, and in industrial applications, having a reduction gear and the torque increase function, and therefore is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment. Is a power transmission gear mechanism, in applications that require higher torque and the high speed is not required to use it everywhere.


For example:ceramic machinery industry, woodworking machinery industry, food, cooking machinery, printing machinery, small textile machinery, rubber machinery, small chemical machinery, plastic machinery and so on. Moreover, with the development and automation of industrial plants, the demand of the growing use of gear. There are usually many ways to slow down, but the most common method is to gear to slow down, you can reduce space and reduce costs, there is also a person of reducer gearbox (GearBox). Usually a combination of some of the gear gearbox, because the gearbox itself has no power, so it is necessary to drive it drive components, which can be a motor drive assembly, engine or steam ... etc. The purpose of using a reducer largest are the following: 1, power transmission; 2, to obtain a certain speed; 3, a larger torque. Foshan Pearl River reducer Ltd., is committed to the development, research and sales worm reducer; helical gear reducer, worm lifts, stepless gearbox.

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